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  • Nani's gentleman Censor Completed all set for June 17th release

    Nani's gentleman Censor Completed gets Clean U Certificate.After Krishna Gadi Veera Prema Katha  nani is coming with GentleMan which is another unique  thriller subject.As per producer Krishna Prasad this movie will be a romantic thriller and audience need to watch the movie to know the reason behind the title "GentleMan".Indraganti Mohan krishna is directing nani after అష్టా చమ్మా which is a debut movie for Nani.

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  • A Aa telugu movie twitter talk

    A Aa telugu movie response from public on twitter platform.

    idlebrain jeevi

    1st half of the is nice and entertaining. Strict mother vs carefree girl conflict so far!

    Meanders a bit in 2nd half. Ends well. Trivikram's dialogues & family emotions makes a pleasant entertainer & a sure shot hit!


    The satire and comedy timing in Rao Ramesh dialogue delivery is terrific in



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  • Samantha Scared of jr NTR ?

    Samantha in her recent interview revealed that she is scared of jr NTR while dancing as there will be no way there is going to be a second take.So she has to make sure that you do it right for the first time as there is no second chance.So obviously pressure of dancing with Jr NTR is extremely high.

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